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Dental Aesthetics The aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is the specialty that seeks harmony and beauty of the mouth in its...

Dental Aesthetics

The aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is the specialty that seeks harmony and beauty of the mouth in its entirety. It could be defined as an application of art to improve the smile .

Aesthetic problems can arise in the following: lack of teeth, incorrect position of teeth ,dark teeth , irregularly shaped teeth , teeth altered size , dark spaces between the teeth , teeth showing root with receding gums , decayed teeth or old and poorly fitting restorations..
To get a nice smile we make a thorough study and a multidisciplinary planning, in which specialties such as orthodontics, periodontics, surgery or prosthesis must interact. Our professional proposed solutions are based on disparate treatments as:


El blanqueamiento dental es un procedimiento por el cual conseguimos aclarar el color de los dientes mediante el uso de geles blanqueantes.

Teeth whitening is a process by which we get to lighten the color of teeth by using whitening gels. This process, which can be internal or external, is done with a pre-cleaning by the professional, and once discarded the presence of any oral problems that might arise, you can begin the whitening treatment. In external whitening, individual splints are made to apply the bleaching gel in a household way treatment, always under the dental professional’s supervision.
Similarly, it is not uncommon that past acts suffered by the patient, such as trauma or previous endodontic treatments can cause occasional darkening in one single tooth. In these cases you can choose between various treatments, performing color enhancing by internal tooth whitening. We can keep the bleaching agent inside the tooth for a few weeks while doing their effect. This treatment is combined with the external bleaching and in some cases with the use of veneers.


Veneers are layers of different materials that adhere to the tooth to resolve anomalies in the search for harmony.

They can be both ceramic and composite, depending on each particular case.
Veneers are cemented onto the prepared tooth solving slightly color changes, shape or position . Composite veneers are preferred in small fractures or gaps between teeth. Although this type of material needs maintenance or replacement over time, you can get very satisfactory results. After a detailed study of the case, these restorations are performed in a single session in clinic.
Ceramic veneers are produced in specialized laboratories and during the manufacturing process at all times the patient is safe with temporary veneers, which will help to shape the gum during this period.


Using the same materials as described for the case of veneers we also make inlays. We use them when the structure of the lost tooth is high and the tooth is high need a protection to prevent undesired fractures.

The inlays are made outside the patient’s mouth, counting for processing the corresponding laboratory technician. They are placed in its final position using special adhesive materials to integrate it with the tooth being now very resistant and long-lasting.

Ceramic Copings

In the case where the tooth is so deteriorated that makes impossible the use of the techniques described above, we must use the placement of total coating coping.

The all-ceramic copings combine different ceramic materials according to the demand of each case.

Zirconium oxide is incorporated into dentistry to enhance the aesthetic properties of a restoration without sacrificing the strength of metals. It is a reinforced ceramic material that forms the basis for aesthetic restorations.

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