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Zygomatic Implant

The zygomatic is a type of dental implant which arises from the need to restore functionality and aesthetics, with a fixed prosthesis, in patients with severe maxillary atrophy.

RX. Caso Dr. Eduardo de Lucas

The use of these implants allow us to make use of the patient’s remaining bone (zygomatic arch or malar) eliminating the need for bone grafts and, thus simplifying the treatment. In most cases, 2 zygomatic implants with conventional implants are combined in the previous area. In more advanced cases it is necessary to place four zygomatic implants. The main advantage of this technique with respect to the maxillary reconstruction with bone grafts is the number of interventions (a single intervention) and the duration of treatment, since this technique allows us to place a fixed prosthesis to the patient 2 or 3 days after the intervention.

When we talk about simplifying the treatment, we refer to the patient’s experience. Since the technique itself involves great difficulty and requires a lot of skill to its realization by the doctor. Dr. Eduardo de Lucas, one of the few professionals in our country that manages this technique.

Our zygomatic implant specialist, Dr. Eduardo de Lucas Villarrubia, will be pleased to attend you.

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