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Orthodontics Preventive treatment Prevention: the most effective treatment.. Preventive pretreatment is intended to eliminate any factor that can cause an...


Preventive treatment

Prevention: the most effective treatment..

Preventive pretreatment is intended to eliminate any factor that can cause an orthodontic alteration, i.e. prevents that such alteration is generated. This type of pretreatment is intended for children in growth and in phase of replacement teeth, since it is at this time when it is easier to avoid the creation of an alteration.

Interceptive pretreatment

Stop the alteration development.
The interceptive pretreatment acts on a current alteration and so, slows down its evolution to avoid their total formation at the level of the bones and teeth. Thus, gets that possible subsequent orthodontic treatment is easier and faster, since this alteration fails to develop fully

Orthopaedic treatment

When the problem is in the bones.
Orthopedic treatment is performed when the jaws are growing improperly, either by having a greater or smaller size than their share or because they adopt an altered position. With dentomaxilar orthopedics we can change the development of facial bone structures in the 3 spatial planes: transverse, sagittal or vertical.

Active treatment with brackets

Fixed appliances with brackets is the main type of orthodontic appliance as it is capable of producing many types of tooth movements. It is ideal for complete orthodontic treatment due to the great capacity of detail they have in tooth movement appliances.

  • Traditional metal brackets:

    These are the most chosen brackets in any orthodontic treatment due to its many advantages. They are less bulky than aesthetic brackets. In addition, there are now “mini” metal braces that are much smaller than traditional metal braces . When a metal bracket comes off, you can re- stick it , which cannot be done with aesthetic brackets. Treatment is quicker with metal brackets than with aesthetic brackets , as the friction that exists between the brackets and wire arches is less in the case of the metal brackets in the aesthetic brackets.

  • Aesthetic brackets:

    Aesthetic brackets may be constructed in various types of materials: ceramic (porcelain or sapphire glass), metal (zirconium) or plastic. In all cases, the material is completely antiallergenic. The ceramic and metal brackets have the advantage of being more stable in terms of its dimensions, because they suffer less deformation during treatment, while plastic can deform and reduce the quality and final detail of treatment. Furthermore, the plastic brackets may suffer undesirable stains along the treatment, so that its initial color gradually becomes yellowish. For these reasons, the plastic brackets are no longer in use. The main advantage of aesthetic brackets is its color. They are made of materials with a tooth-like color, so they are more unnoticed. However arches and some attachments that are used may be metallic. The aesthetic is the only advantage of ceramic brackets. The disadvantages of ceramic brackets are:
    They are larger than the metal, since it is necessary to give them greater resistance to size a brittle material (plastic or porcelain).
    When an aesthetic bracket comes off, it is necessary to cement a new bracket (cannot stand the same bracket), which can increase the cost of treatment.
    Treatment is slightly slower with aesthetic brackets, which is due to friction that develops between the brackets and the arch wire is lower in the case of metal braces than for aesthetic brackets.

  • Self-ligating brackets:

    The self-ligating brackets are the latest in orthodontic treatment with dental braces. These self-ligating brackets differ from conventional braces in which ligature installation is not necessary to fix brackets arches, providing a more comfortable and faster tooth movement, resulting in shorter and more spaced in time quotes treatments. Moreover, the improvement in facial aesthetics and the smile is truly outstanding with this type of appliance. As with any treatment with brackets, arches are the real culprits of tooth movement. The brackets are the elements that transmit the force of the arcs to the teeth, while the bands set arcs to the brackets. The design of the brackets is very important in tooth movement, because for a quick and comfortable tooth movement,it is essencial that the friction between the arch wire and bracket is the minimum possible; but the bands that are needed in conventional increase such friction.

  • INSIGNIA (Self-ligating customized):

    Insignia is a customized bracket system designed to give each patient a perfect smile through a 3D software. It is precise, from beginning to end, giving maximum efficiency.
    Unlike traditional braces where “one size fits all”, the Advanced Smile Design Insignia braces and arches individualized for each patient. The result is a radiant smile that reflects its uniqueness.

    The process is simple: after an initial review, we take a special impression of your teeth to send to California (USA), to digitize your mouth and get a virtual model; then with our sophisticated software, we create a three-dimensional representation of your occlusion while the brackets and arches are made in your exact prescription.

    The Insignia treatment is adapted to each patient specifically. All aspects are calculated precisely so the tooth’s movement is conducted in the most optimal way, so the result is fewer appointments and exceptional comfort in treatment. Furthermore, since the treatment is fully customized, patients can often observe how the treatment duration is less than with normal devices. Now, they can see the final result before starting treatment. Unlike the brackets and standard arches, a treatment plan with Insignia creates a level of meticulous detail that provides fast, accurate and predictable results.

  • Lingual braces (Incógnito):

    Lingual orthodontics deal with the correction of misalignment and correcting dental malocclusions with fixed or removable appliances, stuck on the inner side of the teeth, so nobody sees them.
    Incognito ™ System was launched in 2004 as the first system in the world fully customized lingual brackets. Incognito ™ system consists of brackets, arches and buckets of accession completely customized for predictable, efficient and effective treatment results.
    No matter what age one decides to undergo lingual orthodontics because with this treatment we can, without anyone knowing, correct any dental malposition and get a healthy mouth and perfect smile.
    After obtaining diagnostic records (radiographs, models and photographs), both the lingual orthodontic brackets and arches are individually manufactured in Germany with the latest design technology CAD / CAM computer.

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